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The Original Conspiracy Tour

The Official Tour of the hit book Salem Secret Underground!

Come on our three tours filled with laughs, pirates, and ghosts offered Thursday through Monday.

4 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM.


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Take one of the best above ground history tours today that delivers you all of the dirt about the underground of Salem MA. The official tour based on the hit book "Salem Secret Underground". Learn all the dirty little secrets the town has to offer! Tales of pirates, dirty politics, and murder. Stories from the witch hysteria and the Underground Railroad. See vintage photographs of the town as you walk past the locations they were taken at. Hear strange tales from the Witch Trials. Learn how the town filled in the rivers to make the streets you are walking on. Hear humorous anecdotes on how the tunnels in town where used. Along the way you will see one of a kind photos of the tunnels used to avoid customs, to bring gentlemen to their ladies of the evening, during prohibition, to Shanghai sailors, and as passage ways for visiting presidents!

Photo of Chris Dowgin your tour guide.Plus our tour guide, Chris, is the author of the book about the "Salem Secret Underground: The History of the Tunnels in the City" and a real Salem psychic and medium that will tell you one of a kind ghost stories and lead you to areas filled with paranormal activity.

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“Myth into reality!” 4 of 5 stars Reviewed July 31, 2012

Ever heard of smuggling tunnels? I loved learning about this network of tunnels dating from the beginning of the 19th century and used to smuggle goods into Salem to avoid paying federal taxes. The history of these tunnels are full of intrigue and mystery and a little bit of myth :) Chris Dowgin, the tour guide, is a fun and personable guy with a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge. He probably needs to work on condensing all that information since afterwards my head was spinning! But he will make you a believer in these tunnels!

“Learned a lot! Highly recommended. ” Reviewed June 13, 2015

Chris knows a lot about the history of Salem and is passionate about sharing it's story. I was lucky enough to have a private tour on a beautiful day in April. He has crawled around many cool places under this town and has some pictures, facts, and tales to tell of these streets, it's people, and the tunnels that connected them. I was impressed enough with the sample of what I heard and saw that I purchased his book after the tour and have enjoyed digging in more to his explorations. I definitely recommend Chris if you're interested in a thorough historical tour. He also pointed me toward some great food recommendations and other things to do the rest of my time in Salem. 5 stars!

“Fantastic” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed February 24, 2015

I'm from Ireland, this tour was organised by my aunt who is from Boston and I cannot speak highly enough of how informative, interesting and detailed the tour is. Chris the tour guide is an absolute hero, he did the tour for us during a blizzard and it was still of the highest quality. If you plan on visiting Salem I would highly recommend getting in touch with Chris for this Tour. I also purchased his book which he also signed for me. A gentleman and a truly fantastic tour

“Great History!” 4 of 5 stars Reviewed November 9, 2014

Our Guide Chris is very knowledgeable about the history of Salem and its Tunnel connections. No Tunnels though, no longer part of the tour, the webpage needs to be update to let viewers know there are no underground tunnels to visit, but he provided photos through his I Pad which helped explained some of his stories, as well as, showing us where the tunnels would be located. Way different than the typical walking tours that Salem offers, it was just him, myself and my son and it last longer, 80 minutes. A little expensive, but for the length of time given on the walking tour and a thorough history talk, it was well worth it. I just recommend anyone looking into this tour, just ask to keep the group small, so you can hear and see his photos. The other walking tours we saw had over 20 people in the groups, the smaller the better. Really enjoyed this tour, learned a ton of new things about Salem's past other than witches.

“Loved the Salem Tunnel Tour” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed October 19, 2014

We booked this tour on Saturday October 18 at 4:00 pm and our guide was Chris, the author of Salem Secret Underground; the History of the Tunnels in the City. After chatting briefly and setting the background of Salem of the days gone by, we set out on our tour. Chris' insight into the history of the city, with many accompanying photographs, and the tunnels he has so thoroughly researched was amazing as he explained the networking and the skullduggery behind the tunnels and giving us a perspective of Salem we had never seen before. Walking above the tunnels and seeing the areas we were discussing gave us a whole new appreciation of what we see as we walk the city as we have done for years. The pictures he has taken are incredible and add to the mystery of the city's tunnels. Ghost stories and stories of plotting and murder abound and are as intriguing as the denial of many people of the tunnels very existence. Our time went quickly as we were fascinated by what we learned. If you have taken tours of Salem before, you've never quite seen Salem like this!! This is a must for a true historical perspective of Salem's beginnings through current day. We purchased Chris' book at the end and are anxious to read it. Thank you Chris for an awesome time. We truly appreciate the time you spent with us!! Greg and Susan Walsh, Concord, NH

“Great learning experience” 4 of 5 stars Reviewed August 25, 2014

First , I'm a Salem resident born and raised and have known about some of the tunnels for most of my life. We decided to take the tour as a group looking for something fun to do after food and drinks. The guide and meeting spot was easy and convenient to find and being a Sunday, parking was plentiful and free. The tour made frequent stops at historic locations and covered in detail the history and, of course, the tunnels underneath the building. Most of which I had no idea existed but made plenty of sense once explained. I found the length of the tour to be just right. Not to long but worth the price of admission. About an hour. The guide was obviously knowledgeable and friendly. He was happy to answer any questions we had. Overall a fun experience and you learn a thing or two. I would recommend this both residents and visitors.


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