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Ask Your Guide to focus on these and he will!

John Proctor's Revenge: Did you know that the church that the accused witches were prosecuted in was moved to his property. The same property Gallow's Hill was on. Did you also know that the Great Salem Fire Started on that same spot a 100 years ago?

Giles Corey's Last Laugh Ghost Story:

Learn about how Corey was seen laughing at nuns in graveyard during the Great Salem Fire.

The Ghost Story of the Woman in the Blue Dress:

Ever wonder why your favorite adult drink was called a 'spirit'? Find out about this and the strange things that happen on the dance floor.

The Haunted Band Stand:

The Ghost Story about the Cadet Band that haunts the Common. Hear this and many other ghost stories.

Demons, Ghosts, and Electricity:

Hear the story about the ghost of the founder of Sylvania light bulbs, his mistress, a couple of demons, and a lot of electricity !

Christmas and the Haunted Apartments:

This house has had 3 fires, been struck by lightning, and was filled with ghosts up to one fateful Christmas!

The Ghost and the Mailbox:

Ever looked out of the corner of your eye and thought you saw someone. Then you looked again and it was only something like a mailbox?

The Haunted Harry Potter Wand Shop:

Water Fairies and a dead pair of siblings haunt this basement that have led at least one woman to a mental breakdown.

The Ghost Story of Hawthorne and the Judge:

Did you know ghosts have the same personality in death as in life. So if your Uncle Frank would not talk to you in life he sure ain't in hell going to talk to you in death either. Find out how Hawthorne found this out.

The Flushing Ghost at Salem Lyceum Location:

This building has been on Ghost Hunters. When the construction crew was renovating the restaurant she kept flushing the toilet all day long. Find out how they stopped this ghost !

Along the way you are welcome to do some of your own ghost hunting on our haunted history tour. Your guide is a real Salem psychic and medium who has moved on over 100 souls. He has lived in 5 haunted houses and he can tell you where many others exist. Bring your EVP, EMF, and cameras and we will point out where there is the most paranormal activity along the way. Check out the pictures below with orbs in them taken at some of the most haunted locations in Salem MA. We strive to make the Salem Smugglers' Tour on of the best Salem ghost tours in the city. Plus it is one of the most unique Salem History tours in town. We are not your average Salem walking tour! We are more than witches!

Salem Ghost Photos

Several orbs captured while on the Salem Tunnel Tour, the bet Salem walking tour. orb in the basement of the old Essex Bank during the best Salem walking tour, Salem tunnel tour. Ghost hunter with orb photographed on his belly in the tunnel under the old Essex Bank. Taken on the best Salem walking tour.


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