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Boston's Gold Coast might of started in 1845 when a descendant of the Old Planters, Samuel Ober, stated to a friend, "There is a Boston man who wants to buy my lands for $2,000; taint worth it. What am I to do?" The friend answered, "I think he knows what he wants; let him have it." Ober then replied "It ain't worth it..." Franklin Gordon Dexter was the first to build their summer palaces on the North Shore over looking the ocean. Many would follow him in leaving Boston, especially after a Boston tax collector in 1870 became over zealous within his profession. Some claim this area from the Prides Crossing section of Beverly to Manchester-By-the-Sea rivals any mansion in Newport. Situated on Route 127, the Gold Coast winds through wooded byways and ocean vistas pasts these American Castles. Our Driving and Biking Tours invites you take in the grandeur and the history of this region. We will take you to the natural beauty of hidden beaches, grand ocean cliffs, farm stands, boutiques, shopping, and museums; the North Shore is one of the most spectacular destinations on the continent. Let us show you the magic which is the Gold Coast!



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The Natural Beauty of the Gold Coast

The Rise of the 1%
Walking Tour

Chris Dowgin wearing a derby hatLearn how a series of tunnels built in 1801 had created great fortunes which has shackled our nation under England's thumb and led to the development of the Federal Reserve and other great entertaining histories based in Salem. Our tour brings you the nooks and crannies of all the stories starting with Salem's connections to Oliver Cromwell to the establishment of the Federal Reserve. Tales of a serial killer who was the head of John Quincy Adams political party; a murder spree that started with the Congressman who brought the first elephant (the Stoned Elephant) to America and...

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Salem: More Than Witches!!!

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Power Brokers and Presidents of the Gold Coast

Self-Guided Tours

For a truly private tour...we offer several self-guided tours of Salem and the Gold Coast to the north on Cape Ann. Our multimedia tours are Google Maps enabled providing times between stops and easy directions. Each stop has a descriptive history, interruptive images, audio, video, and links for more info. All of our tours are compatible on your Android, iPhone, tablet, and laptop.

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