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The Rise of the 1% Private Tour

Tales of a serial killer who was the head of John Quincy Adams political party; a murder spree that started with the Congressman who brought the first elephant (the Stoned Elephant) to America and ended with the mysterious poising of President William Harrison. He almost controlled all 3 branches of government from behind the curtain. His murders inspired a board game which became a famous movie and Poe's Tell-Tale Heart. His brother-in-law's opinions within the Supreme Court laid the groundwork for the one percent. This nefarious man along with Daniel Webster and Henry Clay created the Whig Party which hoped Harrison's presidency would create the Federal Reserve in 1841.

Stories of the 19th century drug czar who founded the Forbes fortune who took over Baring Brothers & Co. through his nephews. Learn about the man from Salem who looked like Scrooge that created JP Morgan & Co. and laid the foundation of our national bank and groundwork for a depression which crashed our country every 20 years. The amazing truth we will share how JP Morgan Jr. and Jane Norton Grew merged two dynasties from Salem and the national banks of America and England at the creation of the Federal Reserve. The hidden history of how men of Salem led a northern secession attempt during the War of 1812 that failed horribly at the Hartford Convention due to ridiculously bad timing. Tales of how America's first one percent funded many of the inventions we now take for granted. Inventors like Nikola Tesla. You might have to bring one of Salem's most famous inventions, the #2 pencil, to take notes of all the secrets we have to share with you! Tour is based on the books Salem Secret Underground: The History of the Tunnels in the City and Sub Rosa written by your tour guide.

Salem: More Than Witches!!!

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The Natural Beauty of the Gold Coast

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Walking Tour

Chris Dowgin wearing a derby hatYour tour is for you and three other people. During times of the pandemic we ask for you to wear your mask (Salem regulation in the park). We do offer tours for larger groups, just email us for the particulars. Usually it is $30 per additional person. Children under 14 are free and are not included in the amount of tour guests that you have purchased for.

We meet on the Salem Common on the circle of cobblestones closest to the Hawthorne Hotel's main entrance.

Please arrive ten minutes before the tour. We go out in all weather and we do not provide refunds; though you are welcome to reschedule your tour at any time through the year with a week's notice (sometimes we can do the next day).

The route is flat and easy to manage with many benches along the way. It can get pretty muddy if it rains though, so be prepared.

Also, after you take our Rise of the 1% Tour and you are still interested in the history of Salem, we can offer you a custom tour around either the architecture (Then and Now), the Witch Hysteria Roots, the Underground Railroad, HP Lovecraft, or an above ground tour of the routes of the tunnels filled with images on our tablet.

Salem: More Than Witches!!!

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Power Brokers and Presidents of the Gold Coast

Self-Guided Tours

For a truly private tour...we offer several self-guided tours of Salem and the Gold Coast to the north on Cape Ann. Our multimedia tours are Google Maps enabled providing times between stops and easy directions. Each stop has a descriptive history, interpretive images, audio, video, and links for more info. All of our tours are compatible on your Android, iPhone, tablet, and laptop.

Tours start at $5 a download.


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