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'Clue' Murder Mystery Tour | Hocus Pocus Tour | Lovecraft Tour

'Clue' Murder Mystery Tour


Clue Murder Mystery Tour ImageTake our interactive self-guided tour of the locations connected to the real murder that the game Clue was based. Captain Joseph White was bludgeoned over the head and stabbed 13 times, but there was no blood on the sheets. The death of Chief Justice Isaac Parker on the eve of the first trial had inspired his relatives, the Parker Brothers, to hide the truth of the murder in their board game. We will cue you in on how this murder was connected to the men who controlled the Senate and the US Supreme Court. It might of even led to the assassination of three presidents...

We will bring you to the locations attached to the murder and give you the histories of the people connected to it. We will present you with the history's version of the story and the possible truth that got buried. At the end, we will leave it to you to decide who killed the captain that inspired Edgar Allan Poe to write The Tell-Tale Heart.

Historic Images | Maps | Weapon Cards | Suspect Cards

$25 Tour | Begins at the Custom House on Derby Street | Ends at Gardner Pingree House on Essex Street | 8 Locations | Less than 2hrs Walking and Interaction with Tour | .5 Miles | Local Author Generated

Hocus Pocus Tour

Sanderson Sisters

Take our multimedia self-guided tour of the locations within Salem that were made famous in the movie. We will take you to Max's and Danni's House and school, the carriage house which inspired the witches cottage, Old Town Hall where they got stuck dancing, Allison's house, Thackery Binx's House & Old Salem Village, the park Max flirted with Allison in, and more. Plus, we will provide a little history of the Salem Witch Hysteria and the tunnels in town which the kids ran through.

Audio | Pictures | Maps | Video

$25 Tour | Starts on Salem Commons | Ends at Pioneer Village | 7 Locations | Less than 2hrs Interaction with the Tour Walking and Driving | .9 Miles Walking + 1.5 Miles Driving | Local Author Generated

Lovecraft Tour

HP Lovecraft in front of Crowninshield-Bentley House from a Thing on the Doorstep.


Take our multimedia self-guided tour of the locations used in HP Lovecraft's fiction. Lovecraft came to Salem several times between 1923-1927 and incorporated the names and buildings he had seen in many of his tales. In so doing, he created a new town called Arkham. On this walking and driving tour we will bring you to the places where his monsters lurked, provide you with the history of the places, and link you to the stories connected to them.

Audio | Pictures | Maps | Video | Books

$25 Tour | 9 Locations | Begins at the Hawthorne Hotel | Ends at Arkham Asylum (Danvers State Hospital) in Danvers | Less than 2hrs Interaction with the Tour Walking and Driving | .7 Miles Walking + 7 Miles Driving | Local Author Generated

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Salem Tunnel Tour

Salem Tunnel Tour ImageTake our multimedia self-guided tour of the locations of the buildings and public spots connected to the ancient tunnels in Salem. This is an above ground adventure you can walk and drive to. In the tour we teach who, why, and how the tunnels were built and how they created the 1% in the country.

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Salem-More than Witches!!!



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Salem Ghost Tour

Salem Ghost Tour ImageTake our multimedia self-guided tour of all the haunted houses in Salem. Many of which I have lived in.

The tour brings you to the homes and tells you the ghost story connected to each home and business. Spooky and humorous tales. Like the ghosts that haunt the bathrooms of Salem's restaurants. Tales of the man who was pressed to death whose ghost is seen before ever major tragedy in Salem. Those are just a few of our spine tingling stories.

We suggest you rent a scooter/bike, walk, and drive to take this tour.

Audio | Pictures | Maps | Video

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Comedy & Irony Tour

Salem Ghost Tour ImageTake our multimedia self-guided tour of all the funny locations in town. The town is full of them.

We will tell you the tale of the Irish priest who was against drinking and the woman who made sure other ladies could get drunk legally during prohibition. How a neon cross saved a church. Why John Lennon came here to wash dishes. The truth of our Bunghole, the Holy Parking Lot, and much much more!

On this tour you can walk to all of the locations.

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Roots of the Salem Witch Hysteria Tour

Salem Ghost Tour ImageTake our multimedia self-guided tour of what had led to the Salem Witch Hysteria and the events that followed.

Roger Williams who founded Rhode Island was a minister in Salem before being expelled from the state. He was Oliver Cromwell's aunt's private chaplain. This led to another priest from Salem becoming Oliver Cromwell's personal chaplain that led him to regicide. This tour will teach you how these events led to 19 people being hanged and the American Civil War.

We will take you to the locations connected to the hysteria and tell you the tales of the people who tormented the souls of others and those who were prosecuted. How many of the events were inspired by revenge of past transgressions and grabs for property. We will also clarify how everyone was related at the time. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of the family relations of the women due to the fact they took their husband's name, we will clarify these relations for you.

On this tour you should rent a scooter/bike, walk, and drive.

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The Exotic Adventures from Salem Smugglers' Tour

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The Natural Beauty of the Gold Coast

Exotic Biking Tours

Chris Dowgin wearing a derby hatThe Gold Coast consists of the towns on the North Shore in Cape Ann including Rocport, Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Beverly Farms, Prides Crossing, and Ipswich which the people who shaped the 20th century built their mansions and castles on during the Gilded Age. Come back throughout the year and see our different Biking tour options of Boston's Gold Coast. After you take one of our Biking tours, why not try one of our driving, walking, or self-guided tours. We are Cape Ann's Day Trip company providing tours daily.

Embrace the Beauty and Grandeur!!!

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Power Brokers and Presidents of the Gold Coast

History and Location of Lynch Park

Lynch Park is the meeting place for our tours. It has an interesting history. It was once the summer White House for two years during William Howard Taft's presidency. A stay which didn't end well with the woman who had owned it had to be restrained from burning the residence down after she evicted him. The house was named Stetson Hall, named after the man who built it and invented the cowboy hat. The house was saved by Louise Dupont Crowninshield and her husband Keno Crowninshield and moved across the harbor on two barges to Peach's Point in Marblehead. The mansion used to reside where the rose garden is now. Click here for a complete history. The house also appears in The Sinclair Narratives' tale in Arkham: Tales from the Flipside.


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Driving and Bicycle tours meet at Lynch Park in Beverly Ma. Parking is free. Please meet 10 minutes before the tour starts. Walking tours start at the Salem Common entrance on the cobblestones next to the Hawthorne Hotel entrance. Sorry, there is no refunds. We go out rain or shine. Even though we offer no refunds, your tickets are good for a year of purchase with a week's notice. Sometimes we can book your tour within 24hrs.